The Project Manager and Steering Group are responsible for:

  • defining geographical area for consultation

  • managing process of consultation and ensuring all businesses are fully briefed on BID process

  • proposing basis of levy calculation

  • delivering baseline services and operating agreement with the local authority

  • ensuring database of eligible voters is 100% accurate

  • developing a five year business proposal and five year business plan

  • ensuring ballot process is fully understood and transparent


Steering Group Minutes - June 2017 (Download).

 Steering Group Minutes - July 2017  (Download).

 No meeting in August.

 Steering Group Minutes - September 2017 (Download)

 Steering Group Minutes - October 2017 (Download)

 Steering Group Minutes - November 2017 (Download)

 Steering Group Minutes - December 2017 (Download) 


Steering Group Minutes - 10th January 2018

Steering Group Minutes - 8th February 2018

 Steering Group Minutes - 19th March 2018

Steering Group Minutes - 24th April 2018

Steering Group Minutes - 22nd May 2018

Steering Group Minutes - 31st July 2018

No meeting in August 2018

Steering Group Minutes - 25th September 2018